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beauty is for me and I’m beauty is a total package, not just make-up but lots of other things and if you pay attention to all of that then I think you are just overall beauty and you don’t have to be naturally beautiful to look like a model but if you just do these points that I’m going to mention right now I’m just saying because it’s shot again like before if you consider these points that I’ll mention right away

beauty have fun with the video we’ll start with just get up here first of all your hair makes a huge difference it’s not for nothing that you cut your hair off if you’ve had a breakup, for example just to get rid of a certain burden to feel free fresher maybe hair also makes a type yes hair color haircut, etc bangs reddish hair blonde hair very short hair very longhair curly than there are so many

type but with all the styles that exist, the most important thing is that the hair is simply clean that’s super important greasy hair isn’t bloody cleaner hair even if it’s not clean you can fake it clean super easy these days and you should, of course, use dry shampoo too don’t do it for five days because then at some point it also looks disgusting around 12 days you can keep your hair fresh with dry

that make sure your hair always looks fresh take it together sometimes do your hair and maybe if you don’t come to wash it to somehow bridge or hide it, use hair clips or maybe some hair bands or hats or something like that you could maybe hide the hair that isn’t fresh for a day or two but that’s super

hair looks healthy namely that the tips of your hair may even be lengthened according to the provincial council with the care you should definitely cut your hair regularly so tips it doesn’t have to be a lot and sometimes a lot has to be if it’s super broken but are dry hair if they are below right so that it not nice at all and you can’t really do much with it anymore

were a very, very big topic that you shouldn’t underestimate and should definitely be cultivated then next we come to the pieces a bit on the side because i made some notes there also come to the subject of face neck and décolleté here of course the care issuer important talks not even about make-up but without make-up just the right care you use the right creams you use the right

reindeer also decode your neck that’s super iimportant because right now you’re in your late twenties would say in the mid-late 20s it starts and this skin aging process cannot longer be lost so you can see it just at some point you get older and your skin shows that professional is okay and yet it is normal but precisely because you can’t hide it, this falls here or here, you should definitely always see it that way when you care for your

give a lot of care here in order to demands little something from the aging process the aging process that is ok indefinitely accelerated by smoking and drinking alcohol and that is something we are all adults everyone has to know that for themselves but i have to say that i have observed it so that can definitely benefit fully from it now at the latest that i never smoked or that i don’t drink alcohol100 percent because first of all it’s so unhealthy but exactly these things

because I’m 33 this year and of course it’s a matter of taste everyone can say some people make me look old they say the same from people this younger can look but when stand in the mirror in the evening with my make-up off think I’m doing quite well at 32 it’s really okay and I may have a lot of laugh lines here, which is okay too, but overall I’m really happy with my skin and I think I owe a lot to the fact that I don’t

not drink alcohol maybe you know some of the lakes much older than they are really worn out they are often people who just celebrated mega which is also okay someone wrote me a comment because I always do something like that again in those about dying great beautifully but not having had any fun doesn’t really help if you could have no alcohol and no smoking and no fun then yes then please drink and smoke but

I said everyone has to decide for themselves but that is of course super important and especially in everyday life now it really comes out whether you have done it or similar who exactly what is super super important is sun protection life also for the same face for the same parts of the face neck and décolleté sun protection is also important now so not only in summer and not only on summer vacation but also now i can

home office on the terrace or something and the temperatures are actually relatively highland you have to be careful and you should never underestimate the sun and the sun is actually the biggest enemy for the skin because it really speeds up the skin aging process, so you should always wear sunscreen and preferably 50. i always wear 50more if you apply sunscreen, usually when i’m doing your make-up here, for example,

I’m at home all day not attractive no sunscreen but when i go out i don’t know i’m all day dr outside or on vacation anyway then i always put on 50sunscreen and maybe i’m a bit lighter here than in the rest of the body but that doesn’t bother me at all because i put on make-up and can balance it out super great but my face is super beautiful protected easy and you stay longer that’s why it’s very

also be avoided, although i’m never that radical, for example, i go to the solarium maybe three or four times in the winter and i think it’s not that bad because i think it doesn’t attack my skin that much if i really do it myself if there’s winter at all don’t go to the solarium at all but for example this winter soft a few times because just at home like a newbie mum, you

and i have to say i had other ten minutes to quietly really calm down and for me it wasn’t about helping to get a tan but just being warmed up really nice to enjoy this peace and quiet just to be alone and that’s why but these feelings of happiness otherwise of course sun solarium not good for the skin and if you definitely want to have this tanning look or effect then try a self-tanner now be happy then probably not super

22 34 points, namely drinking water that’s just as essential in every video as I am right now for you guys it is always said drink water more water really makes a huge difference make it a habit for you if you work at your desk, for example, always put a carafe with a lemon or something that makes you nicer all year-round is more fun motivated to drink I’ll definitely have

should always be full and then you just have to reach for it and drink if that’s the case, i do it for example if i want to drink more oryou pay attention to it because if i have to get up here, i have to go to the kitchen and so on then i rather not drink than if it just stands out from the nose drinking water is super important simply to be healthier for the fathers to be more alert as well as better digestion that a lot of points are like that it is also possible but it just helps

look a lot plumper healthier and very important please drink enough water right now that it is getting warmer again and was also an important point check expensive vitamin balance many people certainly have a vitamin deficiency without knowing it with women, for example often a lot of people have iron or vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter, even in winter and so on,in any case, let it be Check with your family doctor and do something for or

Notice a very, very big difference in each case. For example, I once had such a severe iron deficiency. I will tell the doctor and the doctors told me. I am surprised that you are sitting and you don’t sleep sitting down because you’re so broken and i guess i also went to the doctor because i was always broken i’m could he sit down a hit could be really bad at work because i was always so sleepy and then i checked it I got something

why I just had my vitamins checked, not just for beauty, just for looks, but also simply for well-being, very important, and what’s also important is of course the right care, I’ve already said more for your face neck décolleté also wear masks regularly makes this a routine forb e.g. every sunday and every wednesday or something like that it definitely asks so eye patch is because you close the fridge for an

fun and nice and keep it in any case a makes you things that definitely want to do better or differently or something that he really wanted to do makes you always get used to something like that such a routine at the beginning you might have to think about it again and again but if it’s a routine if the other part belongs to it and him you don’t have to think about it anymore then you will definitely notice the biggest differences because very

consistency, i.e. the regular it and what kind of beauty video would that be if I didn’t mention make-up definitely 100 percent beauty but you don’t have to wear a lot of make-up to be beautiful or to look good less is sometimes more and everyone should wear how many I don’t want to prescribe anything, but of course it’s important to remove your make-up because if you don’t remove your make-up properly, your skin’s vision will

that’s why it’s super super important that you really get off your make-up It’s not harmful to the skin, but if you don’t take it off properly, especially at night when you take off your make-up and your skin regenerates over the night, your whole body, so you calm down, you digest it and so much happens in the body and especially here with our skin and face it is very important that the face is completely clean and well cared for and it will look better and better at night

look better and better the next morning if you pay attention to that and your skin will definitely look fresher thank you very much so proper make-up removal is super important and also especially in the area of make-up or make sure that your eyebrows are in order because you don’t have make-up yourself the eyebrows are hopefully half way hair but the eyebrows are plucked in the right shape maybe let them be plucked if they don’t know exactly where what

do something wrong because I was full if you do your eyebrows wrong you can also look evil without wanting to or be sad or have no idea how many the most common mistake i see in people who pluck their eyebrows themselves i am not a professional either but i know that you pluck your eyebrows too far apart here and you shouldn’t use the nostrils as a guide, but not the end of the nose but the

make a straight linevhere, up here and this is where the others should go, and most of them namely go here atthe end of the nose so high and if you have your eyebrows that’s a A gap that is too big is also not correct and how long the eyebrows are, how thick or thin they are is often simply given by nature. I’m also not that eyebrows always have to be plucked. Sometimes it looks so nice in New York. It’s a matter of taste but make sure

because your eyebrows frame your face and also give you a certain facial expression, so pay attention to it and of course, what also belongs to beauty is of course not only your face and what is nowhere in the camera yourself but also the hands that you can now see here in the video hands are super important and should not be underestimated under any circumstances fingernails with the nail polish there not there them any corners so on there

thieves somewhere else that is looks like flying aroundyou should always so if you likethe nail polish, for example, always superquick like that then itmight be used on others Ieven shared two examplesif we were given a clearor a milky nail polish they’reboth so nailed I definitelythink they’re full I’ve got onehere from micro cells is it so nagl with the dmshe would have had so whitishmilk there but from nagel is

a bit you don’t see itbut the nail looks well-groomed andthen I have something from sally herehansen l rehab that’s also innails but it’s so milky pink andit’s also like that with music on the naillooks very nice and the twonail polishes also make the nails harderand look very very nice andif something comes off then it’snot as eye-catching as when youwear it with the red nail polish andsomething fell off and that’s super

nail polish is nice it’s nice that the nails are thesame length or all shortalwayspush the cuticles down nicely cut off the calluses be carefuland you don’t always haveto go to the nail salon i think for nicefingernails or hands you can do itat home you don’t have to goor acrylicnails can also be that simpleit doesn’t have to be nail polish at all butjust this well-groomed beautifulcreamed not dried out that it’s

work yes well with me I’m here so much sometimes talk with my handsor hold products india in the cameraand i look at so many people icould never be with so without even when isee with others that they are sobeautiful here and get theproduct and the fingernails are christophand the skin is still peeling off andso on there isn’t at all do you knowthis filter withthis red cross atthe institute that doesn’t work that’s not beau

with such a back so well andunderestimates the fact thathands actually aren’ttalked about enough but your hands arevery, very important and thenwe can come to thebody and it’s also beauty & beautyit’s also well-being so youhave to find yourself beautiful here sothat others also find themselves beautiful and yousimply feel good about your skin and ofcourse the body is also part of it yes bodycare is sport that

a routinei know it doesn’t work for everyone,especially those with children it’salways like that every day is a surprisebut if it’s possible for you thentrymaking it a habit, for example, by looking for twodays in the week from where you eitherdo sports or go swimming ordo peelings and applylotion to your surfaces yourself or so makeit a habit it willdo you good and i think, for example

sometimes feels different if you hadslept for two hours and recharged your batteriesso super super nice and yes thatis definitely also a beauty shave and stufflike that what do i not need herebecause of that that goes without saying andmaybe if you can afford itand maybe eventreat yourself to a regular massage or somethinglike that i think it gives you somuch i love that i would like todo it every weeke10 is also something that is very important

straight naturally beautiful when they’re straight but if they’re not straight it’snot so wild but they shoulddefinitely be clean and cared forand that includesbad breath, for example and there I would, for example,even if you always have bad breath andjust don’t know why anddo everything about it then and you will find If youjust don’t ask yourdentist about it, maybe he can give you a tipon what it could be.Have clean teeth

professionallycleaned. This is very important, and you shouldn’t underestimate it, evenif you say yes look tell mebut super thorough aprofessional teeth cleaning you can’t do at home no one can do thatyou have to make room and after you doit it costs but youactually only do that once a year andthat’s why i wouldhighly recommend it to youinvest in it in any case because it makes a

your teeth in any case so you canhave your own teeth for much longerif we take good care of them than ifdakar has no idea what will happen and youthen need dentures and as far as I knowthat is also super great exactly soteeth are very important and also a greateye-catcher he when she talks to someoneand laughs and so on super importantand last but not least your clothes clothesshould definitely be fresh sodon’t smell of sweat the caribbeanlike i say don’t smell proof

and what he wears a matter of tasteeveryone decides for themselves whatthey wear or what they wear but should definitelylook well-groomed when I’m wearing such a niceballmer blazer and it’s totallycrumpled then it doesn’t look at allthen even a t-shirt acotton t-shirt of 105 euros looksmuch better if it freshly washed isugly ironed correctly so christ knowsthere are a lot better things than in a crumpledblazer and sometimes underestimatedone would not or wouldn’t say that these are

not cared for but stains arenot ironed and so on or smellsor something because of that it is also veryimportant that the 2000 would also have its ownbeauty sport ic I always say yesabout it optics but itdefinitely makes you feel betterif that’s true very important andalso what counts is the underwear youshouldn’t underestimatethat’s really onbietigheim underwear you don’t see it so directlyor shouldn’t you and then

figure everything should somehowhold up a bit or maybebring you into shape let you feel comfortableor whatever under workshop quite alot of functions they shoulddefinitely always be clean andfit very very well sit very well and I alsothink that youshould change your underwear regularly so change itclean out sort it out and if youwear great underwear if I evenwear super high quality whether it’s made from laceor really bad ones you

it’s also like a secret weaponfor me it’s for you and it’s stuckalso a bit ofself-esteem and it isdefinitely very important and not to beunderestimated, for example if youare wearing unsuitable underwearthen you pinch it then you go all over itthen correct the whole 50 andyou probably think there is something wrongor if the color doesn’t match andmaybe it’s a transparent or

don’t know which underwear evenunderwear is a big topic I thinkit’s talked about far too seldomonlinethat can of course bebecause it’s so difficult to demonstrate whitethere are plenty of people who don’t have a problem with it, but I thinkunderwear is definitely a very, very importanttopic where you can do a lotwrong and ifyou are interested, for example, he couldmake a video about it, then write to me very much

I don’t know how to present it animalsbut I would definitelygive you a few tips andmaybe show you something that Iwould recommend with which I have had goodexperiencesit’s not thateasy to find the right oneanyway let me knowand that’s the lastpoint of my beauty secrets videoand if you just pay attention to one or the otherand stick to it,

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